Uses of camera in industrial settings

Industries use a wide range of machine vision products that are a combination of hardware and software. These products are used in analyzing and processing of image data. The intelligent system is used to analyze image and image sequences. It is a kind of robotic sensors that mimics the vision sense of humans. The devices are used for non-contact measurement of objects and environment. Their uses include being used in factories to monitor Turbine Filters to check their condition whilst being tested. Plus a range of other uses. The devices use artificial intelligence to extract useful data from images. It helps in recognizing shape, size and properties of products. The technique is used to identify defects in products.

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Different Types of Machine Vision Products

Products in this range include different types of cameras that use simple to complex microscope systems. Machine vision systems are used in inspecting, tracking, tracing, barcode verification and for accurate measurement. The integrated hardware and software machines include products like high-resolution cameras, smart cameras with artificial intelligence, machine vision cameras, industrial vision systems, machine vision illumination and high-resolution vision system. It is similar to accuracy needed in manufacturing ipc case, only small differences occur.


Machines used for visual reading concentrate on a particular search area and look for the right OCR font. This type of machine is used in reading barcode and data printed on products. For measuring radius, length and angles, measuring vision devices are used. These products offer accurate measurement of products. If there is any difference between data obtained from the object and specified parameter then the machine can take action or inform the operator. Vision products used for matching patterns are also available. If products in the assembly line show any difference from the specified pattern then the machine can identify it accurately. There are inspection systems that work similar to manual inspection. Companies can use such products to increase their productivity and reduce costs related to hiring employees for manual inspection.

Types of Products

Many machine vision products can be connected to PC and other computing devices for interactive operation. There are fully assembled products that do not require any complex installation. There are also kit type systems that can be connected to other sensors and systems. This type of system is useful for industries that need custom solutions according to their specific requirements.

Different Usage

Machine vision systems used for blister inspection can check absence or presence of pills in blisters. The system can check color or pattern of pills. It can count and sort pills. It can separate pills depending on the colors of pills. There are label inspection systems that can verify color, pattern and label. Labels having 2D code, barcode and OCR fonts can be identified. In many countries it has been made mandatory for pharmaceutical industries to manufacture their products using "Track and Trace" systems. The system can also be used to verify printed data.

Machine vision systems helps manufacturer ensure 100 quality in their products. This helps them win the trust of their customers and comply with industry specific laws. Even on very high speed assembly line, machine vision units are capable of noticing specified defects. Industries that want to manufacture products at high speed without compromising accuracy and quality use machine vision products to achieve their objectives.